About Allied Asia Resources Pte Ltd

• We offer LEADING-EDGE products to complement the evolutionary emerging technologies of IT and AV.

• We are led by our guiding principles, centered in CONNECTIVITY, which revolves around the ENABLEMENT of information and communication across all fields of “communication protocols, standards and formats“.

• We establish STRATEGIC ALLIANCES, with strong business partnerships continually forged, and product development processes continually refined, to reduce the time-to-market of new and INNOVATIVE products.

• We adopt the best manufacturing practices, and ensure that our production facilities are licensed and comply with guidelines set by the Safety and Environmental industry Standards.

• We are committed to maintaining our pricing competitiveness without compromising on QUALITY.

Our Core Values

Satisfaction – We seek to understand the client’s hardware requirements, and from there recommend the product(s) that will satisfy the customer’s needs the first time around.

Earnest – We treat every customer with respect and carry an earnest attitude when serving you.

Rapport – We do not see each transaction as the end of the relationship, but instead believe in building rapport for a long-lasting relationship.

Value – Above product satisfaction, we believe that delivering the right value for our products and services is crucial to giving a perfect customer experience.

Efficient – Speed is of the essence, and we pride ourselves in providing our solutions with efficiency.